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1 thing you should consider before posting on social media

Am I promoting my audience to feel an emotion?

No matter what type of writing you are doing, the most effective way to grab your reader’s attention is by causing them to feel an emotion.

When you write the copy (or the words) for your social media post, really spend some time getting into your audience’s head. Try to write in a way that speaks to their emotions, not just their head.

One way to accomplish this is by using your own real-life example. You demonstrate to your readers that you were once where they are. Then you had a moment where you turned it around. Then you found success.

What people need more than anything else is hope. Let their last emotion as they read your social media post be hope. They can do this too.

You can apply this same thinking to every post, no matter your niche.

When you write a post that’s selling clothes…. walk through this same idea! What problem did you need a solution for, and then these clothes solved it?

When you write a post where you are selling your beauty products….. what solution did you desperately need for your face before? What emotions and frustrations did that cause? How did the development of these products change all of that? What hope can you give?

When you involve your audience’s emotions, they become invested in you, your products, and the solutions you can offer.

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